About FIGMENT Jackson

FIGMENT is a participatory arts event that is free and open to everyone. We use the word “participatory” because every project, installation, and performance at FIGMENT is meant to be created and experienced collectively by both the artists who provide the exhibits as well as the event goers.

People are used to attending art exhibits as “viewers” who can’t touch the art, or going to festivals where existing art is available for purchase, but FIGMENT is neither one of these. At FIGMENT, no money is ever exchanged, and the event-goers are as much artists as the people who supply the ideas for the art projects, because everyone is encouraged to take part in making and enjoying each art exhibit.

Whether it’s composing a song out of instruments made from recycled materials, creating a large sculpture out of tiny bits of fabric, or participating in a unique dance performance with other members of your community, FIGMENT is about bringing people together to create.